Multiquip Chainsaw SP1E16A User Manual

OperatiOn Manual  
Streetpro SerieS  
MODel Sp1e16a  
prOfeSSiOnal paveMent Saw  
(5Hp eleCtriC MOtOr)  
Revision #0 (04/14/10)  
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prOpOSitiOn 65 warning  
Engine exhaust and some of  
its constituents, and some dust created  
by power sanding, sawing, grinding,  
contains chemicals known to the State  
of California to cause cancer, birth  
defects and other reproductive harm.  
Some examples of these chemicals are:  
Your risk from these exposures varies,  
of work. To reduce your exposure to  
these chemicals: ALWAYS work in a  
well ventilated area, and work with  
approved safety equipment, such as  
dust masks that are specially designed  
to filter out microscopic particles.  
page 2 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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SiliCOSiS/reSpiratOry warningS  
Grinding/cutting/drilling of masonry, concrete, metal and  
other materials with silica in their composition may give  
off dust or mists containing crystalline silica. Silica is a  
basic component of sand, quartz, brick clay, granite and  
numerous other minerals and rocks. Repeated and/or  
substantial inhalation of airborne crystalline silica can  
cause serious or fatal respiratory diseases, including  
silicosis. In addition, California and some other  
authorities have listed respirable crystalline silica as a  
substance known to cause cancer. When cutting such  
materials, always follow the respiratory precautions  
mentioned above.  
Grinding/cutting/drilling of masonry, concrete, metal and  
other materials can generate dust, mists and fumes  
containing chemicals known to cause serious or fatal  
injury or illness, such as respiratory disease, cancer,  
birth defects or other reproductive harm. If you are  
unfamiliar with the risks associated with the particular  
process and/or material being cut or the composition of  
the tool being used, review the material safety data  
sheet and/or consult your employer, the material  
manufacturer/supplier, governmental agencies such as  
OSHA and NIOSH and other sources on hazardous  
materials. California and some other authorities, for  
instance, have published lists of substances known to  
cause cancer, reproductive toxicity, or other harmful  
Control dust, mist and fumes at the source where  
possible. In this regard use good work practices and  
follow the recommendations of the manufacturers or  
suppliers, OSHA/NIOSH, and occupational and trade  
associations. Water should be used for dust  
suppression when wet cutting is feasible. When the  
hazards from inhalation of dust, mists and fumes cannot  
be eliminated, the operator and any bystanders should  
always wear a respirator approved by NIOSH/MSHA for  
the materials being used.  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 3  
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table Of COntentS  
Sp1e16a pavement Saw  
Proposition 65 Warning ........................................... 2  
Silicosis/Respiratory Warnings................................ 3  
Table Of Contents.................................................... 4  
Training Checklist..................................................... 6  
Daily Pre-Operation Checklist ................................. 7  
Safety Information .............................................. 8-12  
Specifications/Dimensions..................................... 13  
General Information............................................... 14  
Controls And Components .................................... 15  
Inspection/Setup............................................... 16-17  
Blades............................................................... 18-20  
Initial Startup ......................................................... 20  
Operation............................................................... 21  
Maintenance..................................................... 21-22  
Troubleshooting (Electric Motor)............................ 22  
Troubleshooting (Saw)........................................... 23  
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  
page 4 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 5  
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training CHeCkliSt  
Training Checklist  
Read operation manual  
Machine layout, location of  
Operation of controls (machine  
not running).  
Safety controls.  
Emergency stop procedures.  
Startup of machine.  
Starting a cut.  
Pavement cutting techniques.  
Stopping a cut.  
Restart after stopping blade within  
work surface — explanation  
Shutdown of machine.  
Lifting of machine.  
Machine transport and storage.  
page 6 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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Daily pre-OperatiOn CHeCkliSt  
Daily pre-operation Checklist  
Hardware and damage check  
Condition of blade  
ON/OFF switch  
Condition of power cable  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 7  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
Do not operate or service the equipment before reading  
the entire manual. Safety precautions should be followed  
at all times when operating this equipment.  
Failure to read and understand the safety  
messages and operating instructions could  
result in injury to yourself and others.  
Potential hazards associated with the operation of this  
equipment will be referenced with hazard symbols which  
may appear throughout this manual in conjunction with  
safety messages.  
Safety Hazard  
SaFeTy MeSSageS  
Rotating parts hazards  
The four safety messages shown below will inform you  
about potential hazards that could injure you or others.The  
safety messages specifically address the level of exposure  
to the operator and are preceded by one of four words:  
DaNger,WarNiNg, CauTioN or NoTiCe.  
Cutting and crushing hazards  
Electric shock hazards  
SaFeTy SyMBolS  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
Will result in DeaTH or SeriouS iNJury.  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
CoulD result in DeaTH or SeriouS iNJury.  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
CoulD result in MiNor or MoDeraTe iNJury.  
Addresses practices not related to personal injury.  
page 8 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
geNeral SaFeTy  
„ This equipment should only be operated by trained and  
qualified personnel 18 years of age and older.  
„ NeVer operate this equipment without proper protective  
clothing, shatterproof glasses, respiratory protection,  
hearing protection, steel-toed boots and other protective  
devices required by the job or city and state regulations.  
„ Whenever necessary, replace nameplate, operation and  
safety decals when they become difficult read.  
„ Manufacturer does not assume responsibility for any  
accident due to equipment modifications. Unauthorized  
equipment modification will void all warranties.  
„ NeVer use accessories or attachments that are not  
recommended by Multiquip for this equipment. Damage  
to the equipment and/or injury to user may result.  
„ Avoid wearing jewelry or loose fitting clothes that may  
snag on the controls or moving parts as this can cause  
serious injury.  
„ alWayS know the location of the nearest  
fire extinguisher.  
„ NeVer operate this equipment when not  
feeling well due to fatigue, illness or when  
under medication.  
„ alWayS know the location of the nearest  
first aid kit.  
„ NeVer operate this equipment under the  
influence of drugs or alcohol.  
„ alWayS know the location of the nearest phone or keep  
a phone on the job site. Also, know the phone numbers  
of the nearest ambulance,doctor and fire department.  
This information will be invaluable in the case of an  
„ alWayS clear the work area of any debris, tools, etc.  
that would constitute a hazard while the equipment is  
in operation.  
„ No one other than the operator is to be in the working  
area when the equipment is in operation.  
„ Do NoT use the equipment for any purpose other than  
its intended purposes or applications.  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 9  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
SaW SaFeTy  
„ alWayS ensure saw is securely placed on appropriate  
blocks or jackstands when performing maintenance  
requires elevation of the saw.  
„ NeVeroperatetheequipmentinanexplosive  
explosion or fire could result causing severe  
bodily harm or even death.  
„ If saw has brakes, ensure brakes are applied when  
leaving or when using on a slope. Some saws utilize a  
brake system where the brakes are automatically applied  
when the motor is stopped.  
„ Accidental starting can cause severe injury  
or death. alWayS place the ON/OFF  
switch in the OFF position.  
„ If saw has a parking brake, ensure that the parking brake  
is engaged and holds the saw safely in place when  
parking on a slope.Turning the saw across the angle of  
the slope will help prevent accidental downhill movement.  
„ NeVer disconnect any emergency or safety devices.  
These devices are intended for operator safety.  
Disconnection of these devices can cause severe injury,  
bodily harm or even death.Disconnection of any of these  
devices will void all warranties.  
„ alWayS block the saw with appropriate blocks when  
leaving the saw parked on a slope.  
„ To prevent unexpected loss of control, Do NoT start saw  
on a sloping surface  
„ DoNoT use on excessive slopes or on extremely uneven  
„ Anytime the saw is lifted onto its nose or tilted fully  
back, such as for maintenance access, the high end of  
the saw MuST be blocked up to prevent the possibility  
of crush injury.  
„ alWayS keep the machine in proper running condition.  
„ Fix damage to machine and replace any broken parts  
„ Make sure there is no buildup of concrete, grease, oil or  
debris on the machine.  
„ alWayS store equipment properly when it is not being  
used.Equipment should be stored in a clean, dry location  
out of the reach of children and unauthorized personnel.  
page 10 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
BlaDe SaFeTy  
eleCTriC MoTor SaFeTy  
„ Operate electric motor only at the specified voltage  
indicated on the nameplate.  
„ Rotating blade can cut and crush. alWayS  
keep hands and feet clear while operating  
the saw.  
„ Do NoT spray water onto electric motor.  
„ alWayS disconnect AC power plug from power source  
before moving saw.  
„ NeVeroperatethesawwithoutbladeguards  
blade must not exceed 180 degrees.  
„ alWayS make sure the ON/OFF switch  
on the electric motor is in the OFF position  
when not in use and before inserting the  
mixer’s power plug into an AC receptacle.  
„ alWayS ensure that unit is unplugged  
(disconnected) when installing blade.  
„ Verify the electric motor is set to the OFF position before  
installing a blade.  
poWer CorD/CaBle SaFeTy  
„ alWayS inspect blade before each  
use. The blade should exhibit no cracks,  
dings, or flaws in the steel centered core  
and/or rim. Center (arbor) hole must be  
undamaged and true.  
„ NeVer let power cords or cables lay in water.  
„ NeVer stand in water while AC power from the  
generator is being transferred to a load.  
„ NeVer use damaged or worn cables or cords when  
connecting equipment to power source. Inspect for cuts  
in the insulation.  
„ Use proper blades and follow blade manufacturer’s  
„ NeVer grab or touch a live power  
cord or cable with wet hands. The  
possibility exists of electrical shock,  
electrocution or death.  
„ Ensure the 5/8" blade-mounting bolt is tightened to 125-  
175 foot lbs. of torque.  
„ alWayS examine blade flanges for damage and  
excessive wear.  
„ Ensure that cables and cords will not be tripped over or  
trapped underneath the saw.  
„ Ensure the blade is marked with an operating speed  
greater than the spindle speed of the saw.  
„ Onlycutthematerialthatisspecifiedforthediamondblade.  
Read the specification of the diamond blade to ensure the  
proper tool has been matched to the material being cut.  
„ alWayS make certain that proper power or extension  
cord has been selected for the job. See Cable Selection  
Chart in this manual.  
„ If wet cutting, ensure a WeT CuTTiNg blade is being  
used and that the water supply system to the blade is  
properly functioning and being used.  
„ Do NoT drop the diamond blade on ground or surface.  
„ Ensurethatthebladeismountedforproperoperatingdirection.  
„ Adhere to the blade manufacturer’s recommendations  
on handling, storage and safe usage of blades.  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 11  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
liFTiNg SaFeTy  
eNViroNMeNTal SaFeTy  
„ NeVer allow any person or animal to stand underneath  
the equipment while lifting.  
„ Dispose of hazardous waste properly.  
Examples of potentially hazardous waste  
are used motor oil, fuel and fuel filters.  
„ Do NoT attempt to lift the saw by the guards, handle  
bars or front pointers.  
„ Do NoT use food or plastic containers to dispose of  
hazardous waste.  
„ Do NoT pour waste, oil or fuel directly onto the ground,  
down a drain or into any water source.  
„ When lifting of the saw is required, use a forklift.  
„ Do NoT lift machine to unnecessary heights.  
„ NeVer lift the equipment while the motor is running.  
Metal parts recycling  
„ alWayS use ramps capable of supporting the weight of  
the saw and the operator to load and unload the saw.  
„ When the life-cycle of this equipment is over,  
it is recommended that the steel frame and  
all other metal parts be sent to a recycling  
TraNSporTiNg SaFeTy  
„ alWayS shutdown saw before transporting.  
„ Metal recycling involves the collection of metal from  
discarded products and its transformation into raw  
materials to use in manufacturing a new product.  
„ alWayS tie down equipment during transport by  
securing the equipment with rope.  
„ Ensurethatthediamondbladedoesnotcomeintocontact  
with the ground or surface during transportation.  
„ Recyclers and manufactures alike promote the process  
of recycling metal. Using a metal recycling center  
promotes an energy cost savings.  
„ NeVer transport the saw to or from the job site with the  
blade mounted.  
rubber parts recycling  
„ Contact your country's Department of  
Public Works or recyling agency in your  
area and arrange for proper disposal of  
any rubber components associated with  
this equipment.  
page 12 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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Table 1. electric Motor Specifications  
Electric Motor  
Max Output  
Starting Method  
Input Voltage  
Max Amps  
5HP, Single Phase 230 VAC Electric Motor  
5 HP/3450 RPM  
230 VAC  
Approx. Weight  
72 lbs. (32.7 kg)  
60 Hz  
Power Factor  
Approx. Dimensions  
(L x W x H)  
17.25 x 8.63 x 9 in.  
(438 x 219 x 229mm)  
Figure 1. SP1E16A Dimensions  
Table 2. Sp1e16a Dimensions  
reference letter  
Dimension (cm)  
37.0 In. (94 cm)  
32.0 In. (80 cm)  
54.5 In. (138 cm)  
21.5 In. (55 cm)  
17.0 In. (40 cm)  
10.0 In. (25.4 cm)  
21.5 In. (55 cm)  
Max Height  
Max Length (Front Pointer Raised)  
Max Length (Front Pointer Lowered)  
Max Width  
Rear Wheel Base  
Front Wheel Base  
Handle Bar Width  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 13  
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general infOrMatiOn  
The Multiquip SP1E16A walk-behind saw is designed for  
wet or dry cutting of concrete or asphalt utilizing diamond  
blades. These saws have been engineered for general  
and industrial flat sawing applications.The reinforced  
steel box frame design adds strength necessary to reduce  
vibrations while cutting.Minimizing vibrations enhances the  
performance of the blade and extends the life of the saw.  
phase electric motor. Blade rotation is belt driven.  
all Multiquip Sp1e16a saws are designed, engineered  
and manufactured with strict adherence to american  
National Standards institute, inc. (aNSi) guidelines  
B7.1 and B7.5.  
WaTer SySTeM  
Heavy-duty front and rear axles, sturdy oversized wheels,  
and industrial under carriage assembly ensure accurate  
tracking and years of reliable use.  
The SP1E16A saw provides a hardy water plumbing  
system that evenly distributes optimum water volume and  
flow rate to both sides of the blade to keep the blade cool  
when cutting.The basic water system consist of a standard  
"garden hose" valve that connects the water source (via a  
hose) to the saw.  
Additionally, the general weight-to-strength ratio design  
of the frame and chassis assembly provides for optimum  
weight distribution to keep the blade running true in the  
cut. A rugged blade shaft bearing assembly ensures  
minimal flutter and shaft harmonics providing the most  
advantageous condition for a diamond blade at operating  
„ Super-rigid box frame- ensures straight cuts while  
resisting warping and vibration.  
The SP1E16A saw comes standard with a 16-inch blade  
guard and can handle diamond blades ranging in size from  
12-16-inch in diameter.  
„ Rugged roller bearing wheels for long service life.  
„ Comfortable grip handles  
„ Easy cranking for manually raising/lowering the blade to  
the desired cutting height.  
The blade shaft accommodates a 1" arbor.  
An ACME thread, manual raise/lower assembly, easily  
raises and lowers the blade and locks it into position to  
ensure a constant depth cut.The SP1E16A is equipped with  
a retractable cutting guide, oversized roller bearing wheels,  
industrial blade shaft berings, and a rigid steel frame.  
„ Hinged front, lift-up blade guard is designed to provide  
easy blade replacement.  
„ Saw position guide helps ensure straight cuts.  
„ Water system provides optimum flow and volume of  
water to both sides of the blade.  
poWer plaNTS  
The SP1E16A saw is generally classified in the industry as  
a "LOW to MEDIUM " horsepower saw.This classification  
is particularly useful when selecting the proper diamond  
blade for an application.  
Refer to the electric motor Owner's Manual for specific  
instructions regarding motor operation and maintenance  
The SP1E16A saw is powered by a 5.0 HP, 230VAC single-  
page 14 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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COntrOlS anD COMpOnentS  
Figure 2. SP1E16A Controls and Components  
Figure 2 shows the location of the basic controls and  
components for the SP1E16A. Listed below is a brief  
explanation of each control or component.  
8. Front pointer — Front pointer wheel assists in straight  
9. Front pointer arm — Stows up for storage and pivots  
down for use.  
1. Hand grips/Handlebar — When operating the saw,  
place both hands on each grip to maneuver the saw.  
Replace hand grips when they become worn or  
10. Cutting Depth adjuster — turn operating crank  
clockwise or coun ter-clockwise to adjust the cutting  
depth up or down.  
2. Handle lock — Lock blade depth to desired  
11. Blade Coolant System — Provides cooling water to  
blade during cutting operations.  
3. garden Hose Connecter — Connect to water source  
to provide blade cooling while cutting concrete or  
12. V-Belt Cover — Remove this cover to gain access  
to the V-belt. NEVER operate the saw with this cover  
4. Wheels/Carriage assembly — Heavy-duty  
polyurethane wheels with permanently sealed ball  
13. arbor Shaft grease Zerks — Conveniently located  
for lubrication.  
14. on/off Switch Turn to the "ON" position to allow  
motor to be started and turn to the "OFF" position to  
shut the motor off.  
5. Cutting Blade — Use appropriate type blades for  
cutting concrete or asphalt. Requires 1" arbor.  
6. Blade guard — Covers saw blade and flips up to allow  
blade to be changed.  
15. electric Motor — 230 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase @  
19.5 Amps  
7. BeltTension adjuster — Adjusts belt tension.  
16. power Cable — Connect to a 230 VAC, power source  
@ 19.5 Amps.  
Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10) — page 15  
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1. Read and fully understand this manual,  
the safety intructions in particular, and  
the motor manufacturer's manual supplied  
with the saw.  
make certain the motor is connected to a  
the operator from possible electric shock.  
2. Select the correct blade for each application.If abrasive  
blades are used, MaKe CerTaiN they are designed  
for use on a concrete floor saw.They must be reinforced  
and have a hole for the driving pin. When wet cutting  
with an abrasive blade, MaKe CerTaiN the blade is  
intended for wet cutting. Water will destroy a dry cut  
abrasive blade. Some diamond blades require water  
cooling and failure to do so will destroy them almost  
immediately.Other diamond blades can be used with or  
without water.Refer to the Blades and Blade Placement  
sections in this manual for further information.  
alWayS use a grounded (3-wire) extension cord and  
MaKe CerTaiN that the motor is connected to a  
properly grounded electric circuit to protect the operator  
from possible electric shock.  
NeVer touch the power  
cord with wet hands or while  
standing in water when it is  
connected to a power source.  
The possibly exists of electrical  
shock (electrocution) or even  
death. NeVer spray water  
directly on the electric motor.  
3. Handle all blades with care and NeVeruse a damaged  
blade. NeVer use an abrasive blade that has been  
electric Motor  
guards and Covers  
1. The motor should be connected to a power source in  
compliance with all local electrical codes. This must  
be performed by a qualified electrician. After this  
connection is made, it will be necessary to check the  
rotation of the motor shaft. The shaft rotation MuST  
be counter-clockwise when viewing the motor from  
the shaft extension end. If the rotation of the shaft is  
incorrect make the necessary changes for the correct  
shaft rotation.  
NeVer operate the saw without blade guards and  
covers in place. Do NoT operate with the front of  
the blade guard raised. The blade exposure cannot  
exceed 180 degrees during operation. Adhere to the  
safety guidelines of the american National Standards  
institute (aNSi) B7.1 and B7.5.  
2. MaKe CerTaiN the rated line voltage is at the motor  
when cutting. Motors can burn out when the voltage  
falls 10% below the voltage rating of the motor. Also  
use the correct heavy duty circuit breakers or fuses in  
the circuit.  
3. MaKe CerTaiN the correct size extension cord is  
used. Undersize wires will burn out motors. Use the  
following chart to determine the extension cord size.  
Table 3. extension Cord Sizes  
Voltage 50' long 75' long 100' long  
Figure 3. Blade Guard  
230 No. 10 No. 8 No. 6  
page 16 — Sp1e16a paVeMeNT SaW • operaTioN MaNual reV. #0 (04/14/10)  
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