Multiquip Landscape Lighting LT12DAB User Manual

OperatiOn Manual  
niGHtHaWK SerieS  
MODel lt12DaB  
DeDiCateD liGHt tOWer  
(lOMBarDini lDW 1003 DieSel enGine)  
Revision #0 (06/03/11)  
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taBle Of COntentS  
lt12DaB light tower  
Table Of Contents.................................................... 2  
Safety Information .............................................. 3-10  
Lamp Footcandle Plot............................................ 11  
Specifications ................................................... 12-13  
Dimensions............................................................ 14  
General Information............................................... 15  
Components ..................................................... 16-17  
Control Panel.................................................... 18-19  
Inspection ......................................................... 20-21  
Inspection ......................................................... 22-23  
Operation.......................................................... 24-28  
Maintenance..................................................... 29-33  
Maintenance — Trailers.................................... 34-35  
Troubleshooting ................................................ 36-41  
Light Tower Wiring Diagram.............................. 42-43  
Lombardini Engine Wiring Diagram....................... 44  
Trailer Guidelines.............................................. 45-59  
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  
page 2 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
Do not operate or service the equipment before reading the  
entire manual. Safety precautions should be followed at all  
times when operating this equipment. Failure to read and  
understand the safety messages and operating instructions  
could result in injury to yourself and others.  
Potential hazards associated with the operation of this  
equipment will be referenced with hazard symbols which  
may appear throughout this manual in conjunction with  
safety messages.  
SaFeTY meSSageS  
The four safety messages shown below will inform you  
about potential hazards that could injure you or others.The  
safety messages specifically address the level of exposure  
to the operator and are preceded by one of four words:  
DangeR, WaRnIng, CauTIOn or nOTICe.  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
WILL result in DeaTH or SeRIOuS InJuRY.  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
COuLD result in DeaTH or SeRIOuS InJuRY.  
Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,  
COuLD result in mInOR or mODeRaTe InJuRY.  
Addresses practices not related to personal injury.  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 3  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
geneRaL SaFeTY  
„ This equipment should only be operated by trained and  
qualified personnel 18 years of age and older.  
„ neveR operate this equipment without proper protective  
clothing, shatterproof glasses, respiratory protection,  
hearing protection, steel-toed boots and other protective  
devices required by the job or city and state regulations.  
„ Whenever necessary, replace nameplate, operation and  
safety decals when they become difficult read.  
„ Manufacturer does not assume responsibility for any  
accident due to equipment modifications. Unauthorized  
equipment modification will void all warranties.  
„ neveR use accessories or attachments that are not  
recommended by Multiquip for this equipment. Damage  
to the equipment and/or injury to user may result.  
„ neveR operate this equipment when not  
feeling well due to fatigue, illness or when  
under medication.  
„ aLWaYS know the location of the nearest  
fire extinguisher.  
„ neveR operate this equipment under the influence of  
drugs or alcohol.  
„ aLWaYS know the location of the nearest  
first aid kit.  
„ aLWaYS check the equipment for loosened threads or  
bolts before starting.  
„ aLWaYS know the location of the nearest phone or  
keep a phone on the job site. Also, know the phone  
numbers of the nearest ambulance, doctor and fire  
department. This information will be invaluable in the  
case of an emergency.  
„ DO nOT use the equipment for any purpose other than  
its intended purposes or applications.  
page 4 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
„ aLWaYS keep the immediate area surrounding the light  
tower clean, neat, and free of debris.  
„ neveR use light tower in rain, snow, or  
areas of high humidity that could generate  
electrical storms.  
„ aLWaYS keep the machine in proper running condition.  
„ Fix damage to machine and replace any broken parts  
„ neveRoperatetheequipmentinanexplosive  
explosion or fire could result causing severe  
bodily harm or even death.  
„ aLWaYS store equipment properly when it is not being  
used.Equipment should be stored in a clean, dry location  
out of the reach of children and unauthorized personnel.  
„ To prevent the light tower from overturning, neveR use  
in winds that exceed 65 mph (105 kph).  
„ neveR disconnect any emergency or safety devices.  
These devices are intended for operator safety.  
Disconnection of these devices can cause severe injury,  
bodily harm or even death.Disconnection of any of these  
devices will void all warranties.  
Lamp SaFeTY  
„ neveR attempt to replace lamp with the power on.  
Always shut down the engine and turn off circuit breakers  
when changing the lamp.  
„ neveR lubricate components or attempt service on a  
running machine.  
„ aLWaYS allow a sufficient amount of time for the lamp to  
cool before touching or changing. The possibility exists of  
severe burns.  
„ aLWaYS ensure light tower is on level ground before use  
so that it cannot slide or shift around, endangering workers.  
Always keep immediate area free of bystanders.  
„ ALWAYS make sure trailer is leveled with all outriggers  
extended before raising tower. Outriggers must remain  
extended while tower is up.  
„ neveRuseforcewheninstallingthelamp.Excessiveforce  
could cause the lamp to break, causing bodily harm.  
„ ALWAYS keep area behind trailer clear of people while  
raising and lowering mast.  
„ neveR leave any grease or oil residue on lamp surface  
when replacing or removing lamp. This can create hot  
spots, reducing the service life of the lamp.  
„ neveR remove safety pin or pull mast locking pin while  
tower is in a raised position!  
„ aLWaYS make sure lamp surface is clean and dry.  
„ aLWaYS replace with MQ recommended type lamp.  
„ CHeCK the mast and winch cables for wear. If any  
problem occurs when lowering or raising the tower,  
STOP immediately! Contact a trained technician for  
„ aLWaYS have a trained technician install and remove  
a floodlight, or replace any damaged fixture wiring.  
„ neveR pivot or retract mast while unit is operating.  
„ neveR use the light tower mast as a crane. DO nOT lift  
anything with the mast.  
„ neveR attach anything to the light tower mast.  
„ aLWaYS lower the light tower when not in use, or if high  
winds or electrical storms are expected.  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 5  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
engIne SaFeTY  
„ neveR run engine without an air filter or with a dirty air  
filter.Severe engine damage may occur.Service air filter  
frequently to prevent engine malfunction.  
„ The engine fuel exhaust gases contain poisonous carbon  
monoxide. This gas is colorless and odorless, and can  
cause death if inhaled.  
„ neveR tamper with the factory settings  
of the engine or engine governor. Damage  
to the engine or equipment can result  
if operating in speed ranges above the  
maximum allowable.  
„ The engine of this equipment  
requires an adequate free  
flow of cooling air. neveR  
operate this equipment in  
any enclosed or narrow area  
where free flow of the air is  
restricted. If the air flow is  
restricted it will cause injury to people and property and  
serious damage to the equipment or engine.  
„ neveR tip the engine to extreme angles during lifting as  
it may cause oil to gravitate into the cylinder head, making  
the engine start difficult.  
„ Wet stacking is a common problem with diesel engines  
which are operated for extended periods with light or  
no load applied.When a diesel engine operates without  
sufficient load (less than 40% of the rated output), it will  
not operate at its optimum temperature. This will allow  
unburned fuel to accumulate in the exhaust system,  
which can foul the fuel injectors, engine valves and  
exhaust system, including turbochargers, and reduce  
the operating performance.  
„ DO nOT place hands or fingers inside engine  
compartment when engine is running.  
„ neveR operate the engine with heat shields or  
guards removed.  
„ Keep fingers, hands hair and clothing away  
from all moving parts to prevent injury.  
In order for a diesel engine to operate at peak efficiency,  
it must be able to provide fuel and air in the proper ratio  
and at a high enough engine temperature for the engine  
to completely burn all of the fuel.  
„ DO nOT remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot.  
High pressure boiling water will gush out of the radiator  
and severely scald any persons in the general area of  
the generator.  
Wet stacking does not usually cause any permanent  
damage and can be alleviated if additional load is  
applied to relieve the condition.It can reduce the system  
performance and increase maintenance. Applying an  
increasing load over a period of time until the excess  
fuel is burned off and the system capacity is reached  
usually can repair the condition. This can take several  
hours to burn off the accumulated unburned fuel.  
„ DO nOT remove the coolant drain plug  
while the engine is hot. Hot coolant will  
gush out of the coolant tank and severely  
scald any persons in the general area of  
the generator.  
„ DO nOT remove the engine oil drain plug while the  
engine is hot. Hot oil will gush out of the oil tank and  
severely scald any persons in the general area of the  
„ State Health Safety Codes and Public Resources  
Codes specify that in certain locations, spark arresters  
must be used on internal combustion engines that use  
hydrocarbon fuels.A spark arrester is a device designed  
to prevent accidental discharge of sparks or flames  
from the engine exhaust. Spark arresters are qualified  
and rated by the United States Forest Service for this  
purpose. In order to comply with local laws regarding  
spark arresters, consult the engine distributor or the  
local Health and Safety Administrator.  
„ neveR touch the hot exhaust manifold,  
muffler or cylinder.Allow these parts to cool  
before servicing equipment.  
page 6 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
„ aLWaYS inspect the hitch and coupling for wear. neveR  
tow a trailer with defective hitches, couplings, chains, etc.  
FueL SaFeTY  
„ Check the tire air pressure on both towing vehicle and  
trailer. Trailer tires should be inflated to 50 psi cold.  
Also check the tire tread wear on both vehicles.  
„ DO nOT start the engine near spilled fuel or combustible  
fluids. Diesel fuel is extremely flammable and its vapors  
can cause an explosion if ignited.  
„ aLWaYS make sure the trailer is equipped with a safety  
„ aLWaYS refuel in a well-ventilated area, away from  
sparks and open flames.  
„ aLWaYS properly attach trailer’s safety chains to towing  
„ aLWaYS use extreme caution when working with  
flammable liquids.  
„ aLWaYS make sure the vehicle and trailer directional,  
backup, brake and trailer lights are connected and  
working properly.  
„ DO nOT fill the fuel tank while the engine is running  
or hot.  
„ DO nOT overfill tank, since spilled fuel could ignite if it  
comes into contact with hot engine parts or sparks from  
the ignition system.  
„ DOT Requirements include the following:  
• Connect and test electric brake operation.  
• Secure portable power cables in cable tray with tie  
„ Store fuel in appropriate containers, in well-ventilated  
areas and away from sparks and flames.  
„ The maximum speed for highway towing is55 mpHunless  
posted otherwise.Recommended off-road towing is not to  
exceed 15 mpH or less depending on type of terrain.  
„ neveR use fuel as a cleaning agent.  
„ DO nOT smoke around or near the  
equipment. Fire or explosion could result  
from fuel vapors or if fuel is spilled on a  
hot engine.  
„ Avoid sudden stops and starts.This can cause skidding,  
or jack-knifing. Smooth, gradual starts and stops will  
improve towing.  
„ Avoid sharp turns to prevent rolling.  
„ Trailer should be adjusted to a level position at all times  
when towing.  
„ Check with your local county or state safety  
towing regulations, in addition to meeting  
Department of Transportation (DOT)  
SafetyTowing Regulations, before towing  
your light tower.  
„ Raise and lock trailer wheel stand in up position when  
„ Place chock blocks underneath wheel to prevent rolling  
while parked.  
„ In order to reduce the possibility of an accident while  
transporting the light tower on public roads, aLWaYS  
make sure the trailer that supports the light tower and  
the towing vehicle are mechanically sound and in good  
operating condition.  
„ Place support blocks underneath the trailer’s bumper  
to prevent tipping while parked.  
„ Use the trailer’s swivel jack to adjust the trailer height to  
a level position while parked.  
„ aLWaYS shutdown engine before transporting.  
„ Make sure the hitch and coupling of the towing vehicle  
are rated equal to, or greater than the trailer “gross  
vehicle weight rating.”  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 7  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
„ If lifting through pockets, make sure forks of forklift are  
inserted in pockets as far as possible before lifting.  
„ Never allow any person or animal to stand underneath the  
equipment while lifting.  
„ Before lifting, make sure that light tower parts are not  
damaged and screws are not loosened or lost.  
„ DO nOT lift equipment to unnecessary heights.  
Loading and Tie-Down on Flatbed Truck  
„ aLWaYS make sure crane or lifting device has been  
properly secured to lifting hook of the equipment.  
„ neveR lift the equipment while engine is running.  
„ Make sure the tower is in the stowed position before  
„ Before loading light tower to flatbed truck, disconnect all  
four floodlight connectors and tie-wrap the cables against  
theT-bar to prevent damage to the cables and connectors.  
„ aLWaYS Make sure rear mast lock is secure before  
„ When loading onto flatbed truck, make sure that front  
jackstand of light tower is retracted and in the horizontal  
position so that the foot does not make contact with the  
deck floor.  
„ Use adequate lifting cable (wire or rope) of sufficient  
„ Use one point suspension hook and lift straight upwards.  
POINT (4)  
STAND (2)  
STAND (2)  
„ Make sure that the two side (left and right) and two rear  
jackstands are in the vertical postion, slightly extended,  
so that each foot makes contact with the deck floor.  
„ Straps and chains should be routed through the transport  
tie-down points located beneath each corner of the  
cabinet to allow even application of forece to the front  
and rear of the machine.  
„ DO nOT secure the unit by running a strap or chain over  
the tongue of the light tower. This may cause severe  
damage to the unit.  
page 8 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
„ Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution  
and/or property damage.neveR connect the generator  
to a building’s electrical system without a transfer switch  
should be performed by a licensed  
electrician in accordance with all  
applicable laws and electrical codes.  
Failure to do so could result in electrical  
shock or burn, causing serious injury  
or even death.  
„ The electrical voltage required to operate the generator  
can cause severe injury or even death through physical  
contact with live circuits. Turn generator and all circuit  
breakers OFF before performing maintenance on the  
„ neveR insert any objects into the output  
receptacles during operation. This is  
extremely dangerous.The possibility exists  
of electrical shock, electrocution or  
power Cord/Cable Safety  
„ neveR let power cords or cables lay in water.  
„ neveR operate light tower  
or handle any electrical  
equipment while standing in  
water, while barefoot, while  
hands are wet or in the rain.  
A dangerous electrical  
shock could occur, causing  
severe bodily harm or  
even death.  
„ neveR use damaged or worn cables or cords when  
connecting equipment to generator. Inspect for cuts in  
the insulation.  
„ neveR grab or touch a live power  
cord or cable with wet hands. The  
possibility exists of electrical shock,  
electrocution or death.  
„ Make sure power cables are securely connected.  
Incorrect connections may cause electrical shock and  
damage to the light tower.  
„ aLWaYSmakesurethearea  
above the light tower is open  
and clear of overhead power  
lines and other obstructions.  
The tower extends in excess  
with overhead power  
lines or other obstructions  
could result in equipment  
damage, electrical shock,  
electrocution and even  
„ aLWaYS make certain that proper power or extension  
cord has been selected for the job.  
grounding Safety  
„ The light tower is equipped with a ground terminal for  
your protection. aLWaYS complete the grounding path  
from the light tower to an extrnal grounding source.  
„ Similar to boom equipment, light tower may become  
energized with high voltage. DO nOT operate the light  
tower within a radial distance of 17 feet from high voltage  
power lines. If light tower becomes energized with high  
voltage, contact with the equipment could result in  
„ aLWaYS make sure that electrical circuits are properly  
grounded to a suitable earth ground (ground rod) per  
the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local codes  
before operating generator. Severe injury or death by  
electrocution can result from operating an ungrounded  
„ neveR use gas piping as an electrical ground.  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 9  
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Safety infOrMatiOn  
baTTeRY SaFeTY  
envIROnmenTaL SaFeTY  
„ DO nOT drop the battery. There is a possibility that the  
battery will explode.  
„ Dispose of hazardous waste properly.  
Examples of potentially hazardous waste  
are used motor oil, fuel and fuel filters.  
„ DO nOT expose the battery to open flames,  
sparks, cigarettes, etc.The battery contains  
combustible gases and liquids. If these  
gases and liquids come into contact with a  
flame or spark, an explosion could occur.  
„ DO nOT use food or plastic containers to dispose of  
hazardous waste.  
„ DO nOT pour waste, oil or fuel directly onto the ground,  
down a drain or into any water source.  
„ aLWaYSwearsafetyglasseswhenhandling  
the battery to avoid eye irritation.The battery  
contains acids that can cause injury to the  
eyes and skin.  
„ Use well-insulated gloves when picking up the battery.  
„ aLWaYS keep the battery charged. If the battery is not  
charged, combustible gas will build up.  
„ aLWaYS recharge the battery in a well-ventilated  
of combustible gasses.  
„ If the battery liquid (dilute sulfuric acid) comes into  
contact with clothing or skin, rinse skin or clothing  
immediately with plenty of water.  
„ If the battery liquid (dilute sulfuric acid) comes into  
contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately with plenty  
of water and contact the nearest doctor or hospital to  
seek medical attention.  
„ aLWaYS disconnect the negaTIve battery terminal  
before performing service on the generator.  
„ aLWaYS keep battery cables in good working condition.  
Repair or replace all worn cables.  
page 10 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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laMp fOOtCanDle plOt  
Figure 1. Lamp Footcandle Plot  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 11  
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Table 1. LT12Dab Specifications  
Light Tower Model  
Engine Model  
Lombardini LDW 1003  
Diesel Engine  
Weight (Dry)  
1690 lbs. (766 kg.)  
Support Points  
Wind Stability with Genset  
65 mph (80.46 kph)  
Four 1,000-Watt Metal Halide  
Light Coverage  
20, 234 – 28,000 m  
Light Termination  
generator Specifications  
Twist-Lock Circuit Breaker (Amps)  
Continuous Output (Watts)  
Noise Level @ 23 ft. (7 m)  
Trailer Specifications  
Jackstand Capacity  
Hitch Type  
4 x 3-pin QD plug  
30 A  
6,000 W  
73 dB  
2,000 lbs. (907 kg.)  
2-in. Ball (Optional Pintle Kit available)  
13 in. (330 mm.)  
Tire Size  
Tire Rim Size  
13 x 4.5 in. (330 x 114 mm)  
2,000 lbs. (907 kg.)  
Axle Capacity  
Hub Type  
Suspension Type  
Electrical Tail-light Connector  
Winch Capacity  
1,500 lbs. (680 kg.)  
3/16 in. (5 mm)  
Winch Rope Wire  
page 12 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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Table 2. engine Specifications  
Engine Type  
3-cylinder, Diesel Engine  
62.73 cu. in. (1028 cc)  
12 H.P. at 1,500 R.P.M.  
Approx. 30 U.S. Gallons (113 Liters)  
64 Hours  
Max Output Standby  
Fuel Tank Capacity  
Run Time With 4 Lights  
Standard Idle Speed  
Fuel Type  
1,500 R.P.M.  
Lombardini LDW 1003  
Diesel Engine  
N0. 2 Diesel Fuel  
Oil Sump Capacity  
Cooling System  
2.64 U.S. Quarts (2.5 Liters)  
Coolant Capacity  
Starting Method  
Battery Type  
5.18 U.S. Quarts (4.9 Liters)  
Electric Start  
Group 24  
Total Weight (Dry)  
187.3 lbs. (85 Kg.)  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 13  
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Figure 2. Dimensions  
Table 3. Dimensions  
Reference Letter  
Length (Mast Stowed Position)  
Length (Mast Deployed Position)  
Max. Height (Mast Deployed Position)  
Height (Mast Stowed Position)  
Ground Clearance (From Axle)  
Width (Tow Ready)  
170 in. (431 cm.)  
101 in. (256 cm.)  
31.5 ft. (9.6 m)  
74 in. (187 cm.)  
8 in. (20 cm.)  
51 in. (129 cm.)  
109 in. (276 cm.)  
Width (Outriggers Deployed)  
page 14 — LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11)  
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General infOrMatiOn  
paneL LIgHT  
The Multiquip LT12DAB LightTower is a dedicated general  
purpose light tower engineered to provide dependable  
lighting for a wide range of applications. This includes  
lighting for construction sites, industrial locations, special  
events, and emergency conditions.  
A panel light automatically illuminates the control panel and  
all functions when the engine access door is opened.This  
feature is convenient for night deployment.  
COnvenIenCe ReCepTaCLe pLaTeS  
meTaL HaLIDe LampS  
As an added feature, the LT12DAB is equipped with two  
external plates with wiring ready to install auxiliary output  
receptacles.Receptacles can be installed for use with light  
power tools or other similar applications.  
The lighting system of the LT12DAB Light Tower is  
comprised of 4 metal halide, 1000-watt lamps.These lamps  
provide maximum illumination with typical lighting coverage  
of 5 to 7 acres.The lamps are controlled by individual circuit  
breakers for versatility.  
FueL TanK  
The 30-gallon fuel tank provides up to 64 hours of run time  
while running at 3/4 load.  
The LT12 Light Tower is powered by a diesel engine that  
is equipped with automatic shutdowns for low oil pressure,  
high coolant temperature, and alternator charge failure.  
TRaILeR DeSIgn  
The trailer design of the LT12DAB light tower withstands  
the rigors of the jobsite in addition to providing smooth  
highway towing.  
The light tower can be raised vertically in excess of 31.5  
feet (9.6 meters) by means of a manual winch. The tower  
tensioning system is designed to provide the necessary  
tension to safely control the pivot of the tower. The light  
tower has a wind stability of up to 65 mph with outriggers  
and jackstands fully deployed.  
LT12Dab LIgHT TOWeR • OpeRaTIOn manuaL — Rev. #0 (06/03/11) — page 15  
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